Todd Gerhards – Potosi, WI

“The new truck has gone a few calls but was finally able to be put to the test Monday afternoon for a mutual aid field fire. In high wind on corn fields, and hay fields it performed incredibly! There were three other brush trucks out there that afternoon and our new truck ran circles around them in its capabilities. Then when they got to some burning trees laying down, the turret popped on, used a little foam and put them right out. There were three other very impressed departments out there that day! Also had it in a parade last weekend and their first responders love our truck. They were all over it and taking pictures. They loved the space along with the firefighting capability and said it would make a perfect first attack, first responder truck for them.”

Todd Gerhards
Potosi Fire Department – Potosi, WI

Truck Details

Ford Chassis, Aluminum Bolted Body, Waterous Engine Driven Pump, FoamPro 1600 Single Agent Foam System, 300-Gallon Water Tank, Pull-Out Compartment Trays and Tool Boards, Swing-Out and Down Rear Access Ladder, Hinged Hosebed Covers