RatioResponse: Industrial Foam Delivery Systems

RatioResponse is a self-contained transportable foam delivery device, designed to proportion and inject a precise ratio of foam concentrate, directly into one or more on-board Waterways and/or Monitors.

Powered by a diesel engine, RatioResponse incorporates an AccuMax “flow-based” hydraulically-driven, electronically controlled, foam concentrate proportioning system.  Available with a 40, 60, 90, 150, or 300-GPM foam pump capacity, and proportioning ratios of 0.1 to 10%, AccuMax can accurately deliver foam concentrate for waterway flows ranging from 1000 to 10,000-GPM.  Due to the flow-based system design, the incoming waterway pressure need only be enough to feed the downstream device(s), be it a Standpipes, fixed Monitors, or a Booster Pump.  Flow rates of water and concentrate are digitally displayed, both as current flow and accumulated totals.   In addition, RatioResponse is available with a single or multiple waterways, the latter being provided with independent injection points; each with its own variable concentrate ratio.

RatioResponse is available in three (3) diverse configurations; Trailer Platform-Mounted, Encapsulated Skid-Mounted, and Roll-Off Platform-Mounted.  Each configuration is self-contained including: diesel engine with fuel and urea tanks, servo-controlled hydraulic system with oil cooler and reservoir, bronze rotary gear foam pump with hydraulic motor drive and suction manifold, flow-through waterway(s) with flowmeter and foam injector, and AccuMax Single-Point or Multi-Point foam injection system.

Optional Enhancements, available on all models of RatioResponse, include: enclosed cabinetry, engine heat shield, single or dual high-flow Monitors, inlet and outlet Gate Valves and special Fittings, waterway Pressure Relief Valve, Low-Flow for hand line operations (Multi-Point only), Manual Override, Suction Hose Reel(s), and on-board Dry Chemical Vessels.

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