What is Sourcewell?

Sourcewell is a State of Minnesota local government unit and service cooperative created under the laws of the State of Minnesota that facilitates a competitive public solicitation and contract award process for the benefit of its 50,000+ participating entities across the United States and Canada.  Sourcewell’s solicitation process complies with State of Minnesota law and policies, conforms to Canadian trade agreements, and results in cooperative purchasing solutions from which Sourcewell’s Participating Entities procure equipment, products, and services.

Cooperative purchasing provides participating entities and suppliers with increased administrative efficiencies and the power of combined purchasing volume that result in overall cost savings.  At times, Sourcewell also partners with other purchasing cooperatives to combine the purchasing volume of their membership into a single solicitation and contract expanding the reach of contracted suppliers’ potential pool of end-users.

Sourcewell uses a website-based platform, the Sourcewell Procurement Portal, through which all proposals to this RFP must be submitted.


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