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Come build fire trucks with us!

CustomFIRE Apparatus, Inc. (CustomFIRE) recognizes the special type of people and skills required to produce legendary fire and emergency vehicles. We’ve been designing and building premium emergency vehicles to respond to THE CALL for 45 years and counting.

Recognized in the industry for the highest quality product, our employees are driven to be versatile, self-starting, and creative problem solvers. Ideal candidates will have had some background in one or more of the following areas: Laser operation, metal fabrication, assembly, 12-volt vehicular wiring, plumbing, or vehicular painting.


  • Assembler
  • Welder/Fabricator
  • Press Brake Operator/Laser Operator
  • Electrician (Automotive)
  • Plumber (Automotive)
  • Painter (Automotive/Body Shop)
  • Design Engineers
  • Other roles such as: sales, accounting, materials, parts, service, etc.

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As a small company, we offer great opportunities for cross-training, job rotation, and job shadowing. If you want to learn about other roles or new areas of the company, just ask!
Custom Fire prides itself on finding the best solutions for its customers so we encourage brainstorming and idea-sharing. If you see a solution or a different way of tackling an issue, we’d love to hear it. We recognize creativity and initiative.


  • Friendly, motivated, team-oriented environment
  • Paid time off
  • Retirement Savings Program
  • Annual bonus opportunities
  • Company events and celebrations
  • Encouragement to be creative and problem-solve



“It’s an honorable industry—you’re doing good for a community when building a quality truck.”

“Because it’s small, everyone can be involved in everything at some point. You can even get involved in things that aren’t your normal job when there is a need and you get to learn something new for a day. You do get more responsibilities in a small company, but you also get to be more involved.”

“It’s exciting and rewarding to know you’re helping to build something that could help save someone’s life and improve the community.”

”It’s a welcoming and calm environment. It can be challenging and fast-paced, but it’s not so high stress that you don’t want to be there. You know you’re going to get support and help for the challenges you face.”

“The company has invested a lot of money into upgrading our facilities – new building, new laser, new material handler to feed the laser, lots of upgrades. We’re growing.”

“You can have fun here. It’s not really strict in structure here. You can mess around with everyone, but still get work done and have a good day.”

“It’s the fact that it’s something different every day. I know generally what I’m doing, but there are a lot of new things every day, new problems to solve. There are always interesting ways I can be creative and find new approaches to issues.”

“Building fire trucks is a gratifying job, it’s gratifying knowing you’re doing something that can benefit other people.”

“The product that we build. The fire trucks. The safety personnel and communities that receive them take a lot of pride in what we do. You get a lot of pride in a product that is helpful to the communities.”

“It’s the people that are on the work floor, they keep me here. These guys are heavily knowledgeable about the product. They aren’t scared to do different work around the shop. They are willing to help each other out. They see another area of the shop struggling, they’ll go assist. They are proactive. It’s nice to see the team effort environment.”

If you would love to be a part of building something great – seeing the entire build process from start to finish – knowing your work is providing safety and improving communities, let us know. Resumes can be sent to hr@customfire.com or can also be faxed to 715-294-2168. Any questions may be directed to HR by calling 715-294-2555.