Parts and Repairs

Parts wear out. Accidents happen. CustomFIRE offers full-service repairs for emergency fire vehicles to keep them in service. Want to do the repair yourself and need a specific fire truck part? Or maybe you want one that holds up better. We can ship it to you.  CustomFIRE stocks many common fire truck parts. And we can order project specific parts from a wide range of vendors.

Our product documentation and manufacturing equipment ensures that we can easily repair or modify your CustomFIRE truck. And if we didn’t build it, our full body and paint shop can make it look better than new.

Repair Services

  • Pump repairs- all makes and models
  • Foam system repair
  • Valve repair and replacement- all makes and models
  • Electrical repairs and modifications
  • Lighting repairs and modifications
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Reel repairs
  • Body structural repair
  • Paint repair
  • Full apparatus repair

While we’re at it, we’ll do a full multi-point inspection to make sure nothing else needs repairing before the truck is put back in service.

Contact us today to repair your fire truck.