Mike Scott, Fire Chief – Eagan, MN

Over the years, the City of Eagan has had the pleasure of purchasing a number of trucks from CustomFIRE. Each truck has been an outstanding product and every step of the process makes the customer truly feel like this is the most important truck CustomFIRE will build. It starts with the sales staff understanding our needs to the engineers making suggestions during pre-build and shop staff answering questions during construction. Another testament to the high quality of a CustomFIRE truck is the fact that every one of our 1980’s vintage CustomFIRE trucks are still in service throughout Minnesota still to this day. Not many manufacturers have 30-year old trucks that serve one community for 20 plus years and are on their second life as a frontline apparatus in greater Minnesota.

Mike Scott
Fire Chief, Eagan Fire Department
Eagan, MN

Truck Details

Ford F550 Chassis, Bolted Stainess Steel, Waterous CXD 1000gpm Pump, Waterous Aquis Foam System, 300-Gallon Water Tank, 15-Gallon Foam Cell, Adjustable Shelving, Pull-Out Compartment Trays and Tool Boards, SCBA Cylinder Mounting Brackets, Swing-Out and Down Rear Access Ladder