Fire Chief Joe Birschbach – Lamartine Fire Department

“The Lamartine Fire Department is proud to take delivery of our third CustomFIRE apparatus.  Our committee was impressed with the outstanding effort that Wayde and his Team put into our project. This was our first crew cab unit and much help was needed by the design team.  The group effort by the CustomFIRE Team and our committee to put this engine together was outstanding. That is the type of service that is needed to protect a small rural department. I would recommend CustomFIRE to any agency looking to build a custom unit. Their quality is second to none in the Industry. We will be looking forward to our next opportunity to do another truck with the CustomFIRE Team.”

Fire Chief Joe Birschbach
Lamartine Fire Department – Fond du Lac, WI

Truck Details

Spartan Chassis, Bolted Aluminum Body, Waterous CSUC20 1500gpm Midship Pump, Hale FoamLogix Foam System, 1000-Gallon Water Tank, Adjustable Shelving, Pull-Out Compartment Trays and Tool Boards, Wheel Well Floor Dry Hopper & SCBA Cylinder Storage, Slide-In Ladder Storage, Swing-Out and Down Rear Ladder

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