Sutphen Co. & CustomFIRE Alliance: Industrial Fire Solutions

Sutphen and CustomFIRE already have a long time history with one another, with CustomFIRE selling its first Sutphen platform back in 1987. Today CustomFIRE is not only the dealer of record for sales of all Sutphen lines in Minnesota and Wisconsin, but we also build high capacity foam pump modules to be used in conjunction with Sutphen’s extreme duty chassis, pumper bodies and aerial apparatus for industrial firefighting.

Our latest collaboration, Industrial Fire Solutions, focuses on the Industrial Firefighting Segment – marketing Sutphen’s well respected Industrial apparatus as well as CustomFIRE’s new Ratio Response product line. Between Sutphen and CustomFIRE’s 160+ years of combined experience in the fire service industry, Industrial Fire Solutions has all of the necessary expertise and apparatus or equipment solutions to solve your emergency incident team’s needs.

Both of our companies pride ourselves on our similar traits in terms of customers, relationships, quality, performance, value and products.  Maintaining long-term relationships has always been key for Sutphen and CustomFIRE, and it will be no different with Industrial Fire Solutions.