Captain Jeremy Billeb – Sterling Fire Department

“This is our first truck from Custom Fire and also our first purchase made using HGAC.  Wayde met with our committee and gave us everything we asked for and also gave us some great alternatives to fit our needs and keep us in budget.  Their attention to detail was impressive, the fit and finish of the body, and the quality of the construction exceeded our expectations.  Everyone at the factory was amazing and treated us well.  They were very outgoing and more than willing to make last minute changes that we requested as well as handling a couple minor issues that came up after delivery.   With any luck this will be the first of many trucks to come from Custom Fire.”

Captain Jeremy Billeb
Sterling Fire Department – Sterling, IL

Truck Details

Spartan Chassis, Stainless Bolted Body, Waterous 1500gpm Pump, Waterous CAFS, FoamPro 2001 Foam System, 750-Gallon Water Tank, Adjustable Shelving, Pull-Out Compartment Trays and Tool Boards, Swing-Out Tool Panel, Overhead Coffin Compartments, LED Emergency Lighting

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