Battalion Chief Matt Hoffman – Fayal Fire Department

“Starting with the initial specification design meetings through the HGAC process and finalizing with a high quality, industry leading  build, CustomFIRE has again proven that their expertise in Stainless Steel Fire Apparatus Construction is second to none!!  CustomFIRE staff worked diligently with our Apparatus Committee personnel to provide a true “Custom Designed” water tender to meet the specific needs of FAYAL Townships Rural and Urban Interface requirements!  The relationship between CustomFIRE and the members of the Fayal Fire Department is a true reflection of the brotherhood of the Fire Service…..brothers and sisters working together to provide a high caliber service of Safety and Health.”

Battalion Chief Matt Hoffman
Fayal Fire Department – Eveleth, MN

Truck Details

International 7400 Chassis, Concealed Bolted Stainless Body, Waterous Engine Driven Pump, 2400-Gallon Water Tank, Dump Chutes, Pull-Out Compartment Tray, Hose Reel, Slide-In Suction Hose Storage, Drop-Down Portable Tank Storage, LED Warning Lights

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