Fame Fire Company replaces long-time manufacturer with Custom Fire Apparatus, Inc.

The Fame Fire Company of West Chester, PA recently performed a thorough analysis of several reputable manufacturers of Heavy Rescues. Their goal was to find a manufacturer who was the best fit to meet or exceed their high expectations set by their soon-to-be retired Saulsbury Heavy rescue.

Fame desired a 2 door tilt cab along with a tandem rear walk-in to maximize usable compartmentation in a given overall length. They also desired stainless steel construction to ensure another 25+ years of reliable service.

It is important to note that Fame Fire Company did not let financial costs weigh in on their decision; realizing that focusing on a dollar figure can influence their objectivity. Rather, they prioritized manufacturing and design excellence as well as a high reputation for quality and reliability.

Upon conclusion of the analysis, Custom Fire ultimately earned their trust–and it must be acknowledged that the committee also invested untold hours in identifying functionality and equipment storage to optimize performance.  We at Custom Fire could not be more proud of this accomplishment and we are thrilled to be able to work with the Fame Fire Company.

Please stay tuned to our factory floor blog for further details and progress on this unique and engaging project!