1800-Gallon Pumper Tanker

Custom built for Watertown Fire Department — Watertown, MN

Spartan Chassis, Stainless Bolted Body, Waterous 1250gpm Pump, FoamPro 1600 Foam System, Adjustable Compartment Shelving, Pull-Out Compartment Trays, Swing-Out Tool Board, Wheel Well SCBA Cylinder Storage, Hydraulic Drop-Down Ladder Rack, Drop-Down Portable Tank Storage, 1800-Gallon Water Tank

Truck Type : ,
Cab Type :
Deployed : August, 2015

Chassis Model

Spartan MetroStar Chassis
Cummins ISL 9 450hp Engine
Allison 3000 EVS Transmission

Cab Details

Full-Response Crew Cab

Apparatus Body

Concealed Bolted Construction
Stainless Steel Material
Roll-Up Compartment Doors

Fire Pump System

Waterous CXVK 1250gpm Single Stage Rear Mounted Pump
FoamPro 1600 Single Agent Foam System
Fire Research PumpBoss Pressure Governor
Waterous Oil-Less Pump Primer
Rear 6" and 2-1/2" Suctions
Rear LDH and 2-1/2" Discharges
Front Bumper 2" Preconnect Discharge
2-1/2" Speedlay Discharges

Booster Tank

1800-Gallon Water Tank
20-Gallon Foam Cell
Driver, Rear, and Passenger Dump Chutes

Special Features

Front Bumper Extension with Hosewell
Encapsulated Roll-Up Door Protection
Adjustable Compartment Shelving
Pull-Out Compartment Tray
Swing-Out Tool Board
Wheel Well SCBA Cylinder Storage
Hydraulic Drop Down Ladder Rack
Drop-Down Portable Tank Storage

Emergency Warning Devices

Dual Air Horns
Whelen Electronic Siren & Speakers
Federal Q2B Mechanical Siren
Whelen LED Lightbar
Whelen LED Warning Lights

Exterior Lighting

LED Marker Lights
Under Cab and Under Body Lights