Side Mount Pumper

Custom built for Seventh District Fire Department — Avenue, MD

Spartan Chassis, Bolted Stainless Steel Body, Hale Q-Max 2000gpm Pump, 750-Gallon Water Tank, Adjustable Compartment Shelving, Pull-Out Compartment Trays, Ladder and Pike Pole Storage Sleeves, Hard Suction Hose Troughs, Tool Peg Board

Truck Type :
Cab Type : ,
Deployed : February, 2014

Chassis Model

Spartan Gladiator Chassis
Cummins ISX12 500hp Engine
Allison 4000 EVS Transmission

Apparatus Body

Concealed Bolted Construction
Stainless Steel Material
Hinged Compartment Doors

Fire Pump System

Hale Q-Max 2000gpm Midship Pump
Class 1 Total Pressure Governor
ESP Priming Pump
Front 6" Suction
Passenger Side 6" Suction
Driver Side 6" & 2-1/2" Suctions
Front Bumper 2" Discharge
Passenger Side 2-1/2" & LDH Discharges
Rear Driver & Passenger Side 2-1/2" Discharges
Driver Side 2-1/2" Discharges
Top Deluge Discharge
Hose Reel Discharge
Forward & Rearward 2" Crosslay Discharges

Booster Tank

750-Gallon Water Tank

Special Features

Front Bumper Extension with Hosewell
Dual Crosslay Hosebeds w/ Hinged Cover
Adjustable Compartment Shelving
Pull-Out Compartment Trays
Tool Peg-Board
Wheel Well SCBA Cylinder Storage
Folding Ladder Storage Sleeve
Pike Pole Storage Sleeve
Hard Suction Hose Troughs
Telescoping Scene Lights

Emergency Warning Devices

Whelen LED Warning Lights
Dual Air Horns
Powercall Electronic Siren
Federal Q2B Mechanical Siren
Whelen LED Lightbar
Whelen LED Traffic Advisor
Roto-Ray Warning Lights

Exterior Lighting

LED Marker Lights
Whelen LED Tail Lighting
Under Body and Under Cab Lights

Vehicle Dimensions

Height 9' 10"
Length 31' 1"
Wheelbase 15' 2"
Weight with Water 36,020 Lbs.