Light Rescue

Custom built for Scandia Fire and rescue — Scandia, MN

Ford F550 Chassis, Bolted Stainless Steel Body, Adjustable Compartment Shelving, Pull-Out Compartment Trays and Tool Boards, Air Bag Storage Rack, Hydraulic Rescue Tool Hose Reels, Gas Generator, Telescoping Flood Lights, Cascade System, Space Saver Containment System

Truck Type :
Cab Type : , ,
Deployed : July, 2010

Chassis Model

Ford F550 Chassis
International 6.4L Engine
Automatic Transmission

Apparatus Body

Concealed Bolted Construction
Stainless Steel Body Material
Stainless Steel Subframe
Roll-Up Compartment Doors

Special Features

Under Body Winch Receivers
Storage Console with Roll-Out Bin
Air Bag Storage Rack
SCBA Cylinder Storage
Rescue Tool Brackets
Transverse Basket Sleeve Compartment
Under Body Tapered Compartments
Adjustable Compartment Shelving
Pull-Out Compartment Trays
Pull-Out Tool Boards
Hydraulic Rescue Tool Hose Reels
Gas Generator
Telescoping Floodlights
Electric Cord Reels
Cascade System
Space Saver Containment System

Emergency Warning Devices

Whelen LED Warning Lights
Whelen Electronic Siren and Speaker
Whelen LED Lightbar
Opticom EMitter
Whelen LED Traffic Advisor

Vehicle Dimensions

Height 7' 9"
Length 26'
Wheelbase 14' 8"
Weight 15,870 Lbs.