Poynette-Dekkora, WI

Custom built for Poynette-Dekorra Fire Dept — Poynette-Dekorra, WI

*Please note: Sales drawing may not be up to date and reflect the latest changes*

Truck Type :
Cab Type :

Chassis Model

Sutphen Monarch Cab & Chassis
Cummins L9 450 Engine
Allison 3000 EVS Transmission
47,000 lbs. GVWR

Apparatus Body

Concealed Bolted Construction
Stainless Steel Body
Stainless Steel Subframe
Roll-Up Compartment Doors

Fire Pump System

Waterous CSU 2000 GPM Class A Pump
Waterous C-20 Chain-Drive Transmission
FoamPro 2001 Single Agent Foam System
Fire Research Pump Boss Pressure Governor
Trident Air Oil-Less Auto Priming System
6" Gated NST Front Suction
6" Gated NST Passenger Side Suction
6" Gated Driver Side Suction
2.5" Passenger Side Suction
2.5" Passenger Side Discharge
3" Passenger Side Discharge
2.5 Rear Hose Bed Discharge
2 x 2.5" Driver Side Discharge
3" Gated Deluge Discharge

Booster Tank

1250-Gallon Water Tank
30-Gallon Foam Tank

Special Features

SCBA Wheelwell Storage
Folding Ladder Storage
ROM brand 12-volt multiple LED
Pump Panel Running Board Hose Cavities
FRC Tankvision WLA300-A00
Pike Pole Mounting
Forward & Rear Storage Compartments
Slide-In Ladder Storage
Wheel Chocks
ProVision LCD Monitor
ProVision Rear Camera

Emergency Warning Devices

Powercall UDX7 Electronic Siren
Whelen M6RC LED Warning Lights
Command Light CL Series Light Tower
Whelen PCPSM1C Scene Lights
Back Up Alarm

Exterior Lighting

Whelen PFH1B Scene Lights
Whelen Ion LED Traffic Lights
LED Step Lights
Whelen M6RC LED Warning Lights
Whelen PCPSM1C Scene Lights
LED Underbody Lighting
Whelen Strip-Lite PSTANK2

Vehicle Dimensions

Overall Length - 35' 6"
Overall Height - 9' 10"
Wheelbase - 18' 11"