Full Response Pumper

Custom built for Montevideo Fire Department — Montevideo, MN

Fire Truck:  Kenworth Chassis, Full Response® Crew Cab, Interior Pump Controls, Waterous 1500gpm Pump, FoamPro 1600 Foam Pro System, 1000-Gallon Water Tank, Adjustable Compartment Shelving, Pull-Out Compartment Trays and Tool Boards, Wheel Well Storage, Custom Tool Box, LED Emergency Lighting

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Cab Type : , ,

Chassis Model

Kenworth T370 Chassis
Paccar PX-9 380hp Engine
Allison 3000 EVS Transmission
46,000 GVWR

Cab Details

Full Response® Crew Cab
Interior Pump Control Panel
3 Rear-Facing SCBA Seats
1 Forward-Facing SCBA Seat
Overhead Cabinets
Overhead Dome Lighting

Apparatus Body

Concealed Bolted Construction
Aluminum Body Material
Stainless Steel Subframe
Roll-Up Compartment Doors

Fire Pump System

Waterous CSUC20 1500gpm Rear Driven Pump
FoamPro 1600 Foam System - Class "A" Foam
Trident Air Pump Primer
Fire Research PumpBoss Pressure Governor
Driver Side 6" Suction
Passenger Side 6" Suction
Rear 6" Suction
Driver Side 2-1/2" and LDH Discharges
Passenger Side 2-1/2" and LDH Discharges
Rear 2-1/2" Discharge
Forward and Rearward 2" Speedlay Discharges
Top Deluge Discharge

Booster Tank

1000-Gallon Poly Tank
20-Gallon Foam Cell

Special Features

Adjustable Compartment Shelving
Pull-Out Compartment Trays
Pull-Out Hose Roll Tray
Swing-Out Tool Panel
Pull-Out Tool Boards
Custom 3-Drawer Tool Box
Wheel Well SCBA Cylinder Storage
Wheel Well Extinguisher Storage
Slide-In Suction Hose Storage
Slide-In Ladder and Pike Pole Storage
Floor Dry Hopper
Power Operated Shutter Style Hosebed Cover
Swing-Out and Down Rear Access Ladder
Rear View Camera
Power Rewind Electric Cord Reels

Emergency Warning Devices

Whelen LED Lightbar
Opticom Emitter
Tecniq LED Warning Lights
Whelen LED Traffic Advisor
Whelen Electronic Siren
Grover Air Horns

Exterior Lighting

Will-Burt Nightscan Light Tower
Rigid Industries LED Scene Lights
Fire Research Scene Lights
LED Compartment Strip Lighting
LED Marker Lights
Whelen LED Tail Lighting
Under Cab and Under Body Lights

Vehicle Dimensions

Overall Height 11' 4"
Overall Length 34' 9"
Wheelbase 254"
Weight w/ Water 35,970 Lbs.