Mechanic’s Crane Truck

12ga Stainless Steel Body Adjustable Compartment Shelving Slide-Out Portable Welder/Generator Tray Transverse Front Compartment Torch Set Storage Stainless Steel Treadplate Truck Bed Floor Treadplate 3/16 Steel Rear Bumper/Work Surface Class 5 Receiver CRANE: Auto Crane 10006H Series 60,000 ft/lb capacity Crane Extension to 24′ 11″ Rotation Speed Control 120′ of 7/16 Aircraft Quality Cable 370 Degree Rotation Automatic Overload Protection for Hoist Up, Boom Extended, & Boom Down Functions Non-Tipping Swivel Block with Latch AIR COMPRESSOR: IMT CAS60R Air Compressor 60cfm Hydraulic Motor with Open Center On/Off Hydraulic Control Valve High Temperature Shut Down High Pressure Shut Down Galvanneal Steal Housing

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