Longville, MN

Custom built for Longville Fire Department — Longville, MN

Truck Type :
Cab Type :
Deployed : December, 2023

Chassis Model

Spartan FC-94 Chassis
Cummins L9 380 Engine
Allison 3000 EV Transmission
53,000 lbs. GVWR

Apparatus Body

Concealed Bolted Construction
Aluminum Body Construction
Stainless Steel Subframe
Roll-Up Compartment Doors

Fire Pump System

Waterous CS 1250 GPM Class A Pump
Waterous C22 Transmission
FoamPro 1600 Single Agent Foam System
Fire Research Pump Boss Pressure Governor
Trident Air Oil-Less Auto Priming System
6" Gated NST Passenger Side Master Suction
6" NST Rear Suction
6" Gated NST Driver Side Master Suction
2.5" Passenger Side Discharge
2.5" Driver Side Discharge
2.5" Second Driver Side Suction
2.5" Front Bumper Pre-connect Discharges

Special Features

Roll-Up Compartment Doors
Adjustable Compartment Shelving
Four Drawer C-TECH DH-1 Tool Box
Fiberglass Flathead Axe
Duo-Safety 10 ft. 585-A Aluminum Folding Attic Ladder
Ziamatic SAC-44, NFPA Wheel Chocks
125-volt, household 15-amp 3-wire 4-place plug-in power strips
Duo-Safety Fiberglass Pike Poles
Duo-Safety 24 ft. Aluminum Ladder with Rope Hoist
Duo-Safety 14 ft. Aluminum Roof Ladder with Folding Roof Hooks

Emergency Warning Devices

Whelen M6 Super LED Front Warning Lights
ECCO 575 Backup Alarm
Whelen 295HFS2 Electronic Siren Control Head
Inboard Front Warning Lights

Exterior Lighting

Whelen Pioneer Summit LED Rooftop Floodlight
Whelen LED Step Lights
Whelen PCH2P1 12-Volt Spot Light & Flood Light
Whelen 86930QB3 Telescopic Light Pole
Fire Research SPA900-Q65 12-volt LED 4600 Lumen Scene Lights
Fire Research SPA900-Q70 Spectra 12-volt LED 5,000 Lumen Flood Lights
Tecniq T44 LED Ground Lights
Tecniq S170 LED Cab Marker Lamps
Tecniq D06 LED Step Lights
Tecniq E03-W000-1 Surface Mount LED

Vehicle Dimensions

Overall Height - 9' 8"
Overall Length - 35'
Wheelbase - 17' 8"