Industrial Pumper

Custom built for IMTT - Bayonne, NJ —

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Cab Type :

Chassis Model


Four (4) Cab Entry Doors, Barrier-Free Front and Rear
Exterior Cab RED, Sikkens FLNA-3047, Single Color
12-Volt DC Multiplex Chassis Electrical System with Weldon MUX Data Recorder, 1-Year Warranty
Cummins Diesel Engine, L9 450 HP @ 2100 RPM, 1250 Ft. Lb. @ 1200 RPM 2200 Governed Speed
Engine Exhaust Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), Outlet Ahead of Right Rear Wheels
Auxiliary Engine Brake VG-Turbo with On/Off Control on Dashboard
NFPA Compliant Ember Screen Air Intake, Replaceable Dry Style Air Filter Element, Air Restriction Gauge
Variable Speed Engine Fan Drive Thermostatically Controlled, Extended Life Coolant
Electronic Low Level Indicator, Silicone Coolant Hoses, Overflow Expansion Bottle, Engine-Pump Heat Exchanger
Right Hand Horizontal Exhaust, Aftertreatment Emissions, 6-Gallon DEF Fluid Tank with Level Indicator
Engine Exhaust Wrap, Exhaust Emissions 5-Year Warranty, Right Hand Horizontal Tailpipe-Outboard Exhaust
Allison 3000-EVS 6-Speed Automatic Transmission with 2- PTO Provisions, Electronic Push-Button Shift Pad
Electronic Transmission Fluid Level Indicator, Transmission Cooling System, Allison 5-Warranty, Spicer 1710 Driveline
Fuel Filter with Water Separator-Light and Alarm, Electric Fuel Primer, 50-Gallon Diesel Fuel Tank, LH Fill Port
Meritor MFS 21,500 lb. Beam Front Axle, Oil Lubricated Front Bearings, Front Shocks, 10-Leaf Suspension
Tilt/Telescopic Steering Column, 18” Steering Wheel, Electronic Fluid Level Indicator, TRW Power Steering Pump
Front Axle Cramp Angles 48L/44R TAS-65 Power Assist, Chassis Alignment
Meritor RS-30-185, 33,000 lb. capacity Rear Axle, 5.13 Ratio for 68-MPH, Reyco 79KB Spring w/Helper Suspension
Two (2) each Michelin X-Multi HLZ 385/65R22.5 Front Tires, Four (4) 315/80R-22.5 Michelin XDN2 Grip Rear Tires
Two (2) Front 22.5×12.25 and Four (4) Rear 22.5×9 Alcoa 10-Hole Hub Piloted Polished Outer Aluminum Wheels
Brake System ABS/ATC/ESC Single Axle, S-Cam Drum Brakes 16.5×6 Front 16.5×8.6 Rear Cast Shoes
Park Brake Rear Wheels Only, Meritor Front and Haldex Rear Slack Adjusters, Brake Chambers MGM-30 & TSE 30/36
Wabco 1200 System Saver Air Dryer, Wabco 18.7 CFM Air Compressor Remote Air Governor, Manual Ejectors
Wheelbase to be 245”, Double Channel Hot-Dipped Galvanized Frame Rails, 5-Yr Structural/10-yr Corrosion Warranty
Polished Stainless Steel Flat Front Bumper, Bumper Extended 24” Ahead of Cab
Two (2) 21” Hadley Round E-Tone Air Horns, Recessed Behind Bumper Face RH & LH Inboard Rails
1200 cu. In Air Horn Reservoir, Cast Products 100-Watt Speaker RH Outboard Front Bumper Face
Two (2) Below Frame Painted Front Tow Hooks, Electric-Over-Hydraulic Cab Tilt System with Down-Locked Indicator
2-Piece Front Cab Windshield, Tinted Side Window Glass, 12V Electric Powered Door Window Glass
Mid-Cab Side Windows, Tinted Automotive Green Glass 16”W x 26” H
Heater, Defroster, and Air Conditioner HVAC Dash Controls with Recirculating Switch, Exterior Roof Condenser
Silver Gray Interior Vinyl Trim, Interior Cab Grab Handles Vertical at Front Doors, Horizontal at Rear Doors
Gray Seating Material with Contrasting Red Seat Belts, 4-Way Air Ride Driver Seat, 2-way SCBA Officer Seat
Two (2) Rear-Facing Outboard Mid-Cab C Firefighter Crew Seats, SCBA style with SecureAll Brackets
Two (2) Forward-Facing Inboard Rear of Cab Firefighter Crew Seats, SCBA style with SecureAll Brackets
Four (4) Exterior Cab Stainless Grab Rails, Heated Retrac West Coast Mirrors, Polished Aluminum Front Fenders
Keyless Ignition, Three (3) Group 31 12Volt Batteries, Remote Jumper Stud, Leece Neville 320-Amp Alternator
Kussmaul Auto Charge 40 Line Voltage-12Volt Battery Charger with Display, 120V Auto Eject Shore Receptacle
Four (4) LED Front Headlamps, K60 LED Arrow Turn Lamps, S-170 LED Side and Roof Marker and ICC Lights
Interior Cab Overhead Red/Clear LED Lights, Open-Door Activated
Whelen Roof Mounted Freedom F4N72QLED Light Bar, 6R2C Layout-1 Configuration, Switch on Electrical Panel
Two (2) Whelen 900 12V Super 24 LED Clear Gradient Scene Lights on Upper Rearward Cab Sides
Four (4) LED Under Cab Ground Lights, Doorway Step Lights, and Intermediate Step Lights. LED Engine Work Light
Two (2) LED Front Warning Lights, Two (2) LED Intersection Warning Lights, Whelen 295HFS2 Electronic Siren
AM/FM/WB Radio with Roof Antenna and Speakers, Rear View Camera Display on Cab Dashboard

Fire Pump System


Brushed Stainless Steel “fabricated bolted assembly” Full Width Top-Mount Pump Module
Speed-Lay Hose Bed with Two (2) Removable Poly Hose Trays
Brushed Stainless Steel Runningboards, Operator’s Walkway & Intermediate Steps ALL with Non-Slip Surfaces
Mansaver Padded Bars, Knurled Stainless Steel Vertical and Horizontal Handrails
Waterous CRU-2, 3000-gpm Industrial Fire Pump, with C-23 Extra Heavy Duty Chain-Drive Transmission
Waterous Pneumatic Pump Shift, with Cab Dashboard Remote Shift Control Console
Dual (2) Bronze Pre-Set Suction Manifold Intake Relief Valves
FRC Engine Electronic Pressure Governor with Digital Engine Instrumentation
Trident Dual (2) Dual-Barrel Auto-Air-Primers
2-Intake Manifold Zinc Anodes, 2-Discharge Manifold Zinc Anodes
Waterous Pump Overheat Protection, Pump Cooling System
ELECTRIC: Akron Hose Line Discharge Valves, Akron LDH Discharge Valves, TFT Remote-Controlled Inlet Valves
Fire Pump 10” Victaulic Suction Inlet, Stainless Steel Rams-Horn Suction Intake Manifold, LH & RH Intakes
Four (4) 6” NSTM Suction Intake Nipples with Removable 6” Zinc Strainers, Two (2) Each Side
Four (4) TFT 6” NSTFM x 6” Storz 12V Electric Remote-Controlled Jumbo Ball Valves with 30-degree Capped Inlets
Two (2) 2-1/2” Ball Valve Auxiliary Suction Intakes, with NST Swivel Female Inlets with Plug Caps, One (1) Each Side
Fire Pump 6” Flanged Discharge Outlet, Stainless Steel Contour-Flow Manifold with Discharge and Monitor Ports
Stainless Steel Discharge Waterways to Handlines, LDH Discharges, Deck Guns, and Overhead Monitor
Waterous Aquis UltraFlow, 300-gpm Flow-Based Direct Discharge Injection Industrial Foam System
Trident 300-GPM Rotary Gear Hydraulic Motor-Driven Foam Pump, Hot-Shift PTO-Driven Hydraulic Pump
Eleven (11) Operator’s Panel Mounted 12V Akron Navigator PRO Discharge Valve Controllers, with Digital PSI
Two (2) Analog Liquid-Filled 1-Master Intake & 1-Duplex Foam/Water Pressure Gauges
Operator’s Panel Mounted Daylight Readable Tellurus HMI Touchscreen Control Display Panel Foam Control
13-Foam Solution Capable Discharges, 12V Akron Electric Ball and Butterfly Style Valves:
3-3” Handline Discharge Outlets, 2-1/2” NST: 1-Bumper Jump Line, 2-Rear
3-6” LDH Outlets, 6” NST: 2-Driver Side, & 1-Passenger Side
2-6” Combo Discharge Outlet/Deck Gun Discharge/Rear Inlets, 1-Left & 1-Right at Rear of Apparatus
1-8” Discharge to Monitor Overhead the Pump Module
2-4” Discharges to Rear Top Deck Guns (Dual Feed Sources: Fire Pump Foam Capable-and-Rear 6” Inlets)
2-2” Speed-Lay Preconnected Hand Lines, 1-1/2” NST
One (1) 4” Concentrate Tank-to-Concentrate Pump, “B”-Valve
One (1) 2” Concentrate Pump-to-Concentrate Tank, “A” Valve
One (1) 2-1/2” NST Foam Pump Concentrate Gated Inlet, Driver Side “S” Valve
One (1) 2-1/2” NST Foam Pump Concentrate Gated Off-Board Outlet, Passenger Side “T” Valve
One (1) 2” Water Tank to Foam Pump Gated “Flush” Line
One (1) Williams Ambassador 6000-gpm HydroFoam, Overhead Pump, Electric Remote + Manual Crank
Two (2) TFT Monsoon 2000-GPM Deck Guns at Rear Top Body Corners, Wireless Remote Controls
Vehicle Specific Color Power Point Training Presentation, Provided on Delivery Fire Pump and Foam System
Hands-On Training and Vehicle Demonstrations, at Purchaser’s Location, Multiple Days-On Site


500-gallon Water tank with Fill Tower, located beneath Hose Bed
Stainless Steel Neoprene Rubber Lined Foam/Water Tank Cradle, Lifetime Warranty
Water Level Indicator: Operator’s Panel
3” Foam Water Tank-to-Fire Pump Valve with Stainless Piping
Maintenance Concentrate Blocking Valve
2” Water Pump-to-Water Tank Fill Discharge

Booster Tank


700-gallon Foam Concentrate tank with NFPA foam expansion Fill Tower, located beneath Hose Bed
Stainless Steel Neoprene Rubber Lined Foam/Water Tank Cradle, Lifetime Warranty
Foam Concentrate Level Indicators: Operator’s Panel and, 2-MAXVISION Strip Lites on Pump Module Sides
4” Foam Concentrate Tank-to-Foam Pump Valve with Stainless Piping
Maintenance Concentrate Blocking Valve
2” Foam Pump-to-Foam Concentrate Tank Fill Discharge

Special Features


NFPA Roll-Over Stability Tilt-Table Test, NFPA Placards and Warning Labels
Emergency Air Intake Shut-Off Valve
Coolant Boost Pump, for Auxiliary Pump Module Heater
Folding Wheel Chocks with Under-Body Brackets
Chassis Heavy Duty Driveline Joints for Midship Mounted Split-Shaft Pump Transmission
Hot-Shift PTO with Spicer Driveline, to Power Foam System Remote Mounted Hydraulic Pump
Mud Flaps Front and Rear, Left and Right Sides, NFPA Noise Level Testing