Industrial 6000gpm Pumper

Custom built for Koch Methanol — St James, LA

CustomFIRE and Sutphen have teamed together to bring you Industrial Fire Solutions.  Industrial Fire Solutions specializes in understanding your response needs and incorporating the latest innovations. Our companies have always excelled in the creative design and custom manufacturing of new emergency response vehicles and have consistently grown into offering more elaborate and complex products while maintaining ease of use and reliability.

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Cab Type : ,
Deployed : April, 2022

Chassis Model

Monarch Chassis 4-door 4-person “Tilting” cab, 59,000 lb. GVWR
250” Wheelbase, 11’ 4” Overall Height, 100” Overall Width, 37’ Overall Length
Double-110,000 psi Domex coated 10” Frame Rails, Front Below-the-Frame Painted Tow Eyes
Ross TAS-85 Power Steering, Spicer SPL250 Driveline
Cummins ISX-15, 600HP
Primary and Secondary Fuel Filters, Fleetguard Fuel Pro FH230, Heated Fuel/Water Separator
Emergency Engine Shutdown, Remote Activation & Reset, Jacobs Engine Brake
Allison Gen 5 EVS4000, Transmission Cooler and Touch Pad Shifter with 5 Gears Open, 6th Gear Locked
Engine Fan Clutch, 100-Gallon Fuel Tank, Fuel Cooler, DEF Tank
12-volt Electrical System, 420-Amp Alternator, Four (4) Type 31 12V Batteries
Master Disconnect Switch, Battery Jumper Posts, 120-Volt Auto-Eject Shoreline
40-Amp Automatic Battery Charger with Charge Display
24,000 lb. Front Axle with Spring Suspension, Michelin 425/65R22.5 LLLRL XFE Tires
35,000 lb. Rear Axle, Air-Ride suspension, Michelin 315/80R22.5 Highway Tread Tires
Alcoa Tubeless 10-Hole Aluminum Wheels, 22.5x12.25 Front, 22.5 x 9.0 Rear
Stainless Hub Covers & Chrome Lug Caps, Mud Flaps Front & Rear
Tire Pressure Monitors, 120-Volt Auto Air Pump
Front Brakes 6” Front Steer Tek Disc Plus EX225,
Rear Brakes Dana 35,000-lb. drum, WABCO 4-Channel ABS, WABCO Air Dryer, Electronic Stability Control
98” Wide / 130” Long (62” aft) 3/16” Thick Aluminum, 15” Raised Roof Cab, Underside Box Tube Sub-Frame
Air-Operated Cab Tilt, Manual Back-Up System, Lock-Down Latches, Tilt Controls, at Mid-Ship Walkway
Four (4) Full Length Cab Doors, Auxiliary Under-Cab Steps with Ground LED Ground Lighting
Power-Operated Cab Door Windows, Fixed Mid-Cab Side Windows
Electric Intermittent Wipers, Lang Merka 300 Series Remote Controlled & Heated Mirrors
Laser-Cut Polished Stainless Steel Front Grille, Backlit Lower Grille Lettering
18” Polished Stainless Steel Wrap-Around Front Bumper, Diamondplate Sides
Full Width Storage Well with Deep Center, 2” Raised Treadplate Cover
Dual Grover Rectangular Air Horns with Lanyard Control
Whelen 295HFS2 Electronic Siren with Speaker(s) Behind Grille
Federal Q2-B Mechanical Siren, Recessed into Centerline Front Grille
Driver Side Foot Switch, Officer Momentary Switch, Dual Brake Switches
LED Firetech 4x6 Headlights with Dual Stainless Steel Housings, Whelen 400 Front Turn Lights
Knurled Polished Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior Handrails, Interior Black Rubberized Grabrails
Diamondplate Polished Aluminum Exterior Rear of Cab
Multispec Gray Speckle Paint Interior with Gray-Black Durawear Trim
Black Rubberized Floor, Full Length Engine Enclosure with Black Scorpion Urethane Blend Covering
Full Stainless-Steel Door Liners
Center Console with Map Book Storage, Top of Engine Tunnel, FDNY Style Glove Box
12-Volt Interior Cab Power Points, USB Power Points, Accessory Fuse Panel, Power Studs
Vehicle Data Recorder, Programmable Load Manager, High Idle
High Capacity Defroster with Ductwork Entire Windshield, Severe Climate HVAC , Heat-to-Feet, A/C -to-Face
USSC Valor ABTS seating: Air-Ride Driver Seat, IMMI Smart Dock SCBA Officer + 2-Crew SCBA Seats
EMS Cabinet on Interior Cab Rear Wall
Seat Belt Warning System, Voyager Rear and Dual Side View Camera System
Whelen Emergency Lighting Package including 72” LED Lightbar and M6 Lower Level Lighting
LED Spectra: Front Brow and Upper Driver/Officer Sides
Two-Tone Cab Paint White over Red with Break Line to Bottom of Windshield

Fire Pump System

Hale, 6000-gpm Dual 8FK Industrial Fire Pump, with “K” style Extra Heavy Duty Gear-Driven Transmission
Water Cooled Gear Box, Mechanical Pump Seal Assemblies
Hale Pneumatic Pump Shift, with Cab Dashboard Remote Shift Control Console
Engine Coolant style Heat Exchanger, Class-1 Manifold Drain Valve, 12-Port with Single Control
Class-1 TPG+ Engine Electronic Pressure Governor with Digital Engine Instrumentation
Triple (3 each) Hale ESP Oiless 12-Volt Electric Rotary Vane Primers
Two (2) Hale Intelligent Anodes with AnodePro Display, on Suction Manifolds
Hale Auto Thermal Relief Valve, Pump Cooling System, Operator’s Panel Controlled Pump Cooling Line (to ground)
Akron Ball style Hose Line and Butterfly style LDH Discharge Valves, Jamesbury Butterfly Monitor Discharge Valves
All Discharge Valves and Monitor Gate Valves to be provided with 12VDC Electric Actuators and Remote Controls
Two (2) each, 10” Stainless Steel Longitudinal Pump Suction Manifolds, Supplying Two (2) Hale Pump 8” Intakes
Six (6) each, 6” Hale MIV-E Intake Gate Valves with Integral Intake Relief Valves & Strainers, 6” NST Male Threads
Six (6) each, 6” NST Swivel Female x 6” Storz, 30-degree Inlet Adapters, with 6” Storz Caps and Cable Restraints
One (1) each, 12” Non-Gated Fire Pump Suction Intake, 12” Storz, Capped with Cable Restraint
One (1) each, 3” Akron Ball Valve Gated Pump Suction, Control at Inlet, 2-1/2” NST Female-Plug Capped
One (1) 12” Stainless Transverse Discharge Manifold, supplied by Two (2) 6” Smooth-Sweep Discharge Branches
Transverse Discharge Manifold supplies Multiple 8” Smooth-Sweep Discharge and Monitor Waterways
Operator’s Panel Controlled Pavement Cooling Water Discharge, with V-pattern Nozzle overhead Exhaust Tip
Two (2) Hale Intelligent Anodes with AnodePro Display, on Discharge Manifolds
13-Foam Capable Gated Discharges, Akron and Jamesbury Electric Actuated Valves with Operator’s Panel Controls
◆ 2-2” Speed-Lays, 2” Valves, 1-1/2” NSTM
◆ 1-3” Bumper Jump Line, 3” Valve, 2-1/2” NSTM
◆ 1-3” Rear (Pre-Connect), 3” Valve, 2-1/2” NSTM
◆ 2-6” Driver Side, 6” Valves, 6” NSTM x 6” Storz
◆ 2-6” Passenger Side, 6” Valves, 6” NSTM x 6” Storz
◆ 2-6” Rear Top Corner Monitors, 8” Valves, 6” ASA (dual sources: Fire Pump Foam Capable or Rear 6” Inlets)
◆ 2-6” Rear Body LDH Outlets, 8” Valves, 6” NSTM x 6” Storz (Combo Inlets for Rear Monitors)
◆ 1-6” Overhead-Pump Module Monitor, 8” Valve, 6” ASA
3-Monitors with Combination Nozzles, total of 9000-GPM:
◆ 1-Akron AeroMaster 3000-gpm, Overhead Pump, Electric Remote + Manual Wheels
◆ 2- Akron AeroMaster 3000-gpm, Overhead Pump, Electric Remote + Manual Wheels
Brushed Stainless Steel “Fabricated Bolted Assembly” Full Width Top-Mount Pump Module, Two (2) Speed-Lays
Four (4) Hinged Pump Module Interior Access Doors, Four (4) Removable Lower Level Pump Panels
Brushed Stainless Steel Runningboards, Operator’s Walkway & Intermediate Steps with Non-Slip Surfaces
FoamPro AccuMax-II FURY, 300-gpm Electronically Controlled Direct-Injection Foam System
Trident 300-GPM Bronze Rotary Gear Hydraulic Motor-Driven Foam Pump, Hot-Shift PTO-Driven Hydraulic Pump
Stainless Steel Foam Concentrate Intake and Discharge Manifolds, 6” Stainless Steel Concentrate Strainer
1-Foam Pump Concentrate Gated Inlet, Driver Side, 3” Electric Valve, 2-1/2” NSTFM, Plug Cap, Remote Control
1-Foam Concentrate Tank-to-Foam Pump Suction, 3” Electric Valve, 3” Piping & Check Valve, Remote Control
Maintenance Blocking ¼-turn Bronze Valve, Upstream of Foam Concentrate Tank-to-Foam Pump Valve
1-Foam Concentrate Offboard Discharge Outlet 2-1/2” NSTM Capped, 3” Electric Valve, Remote Control
1-Foam Concentrate Tank Refill Discharge, 3” Electric Valve, Remote Control
1-Foam Pump Concentrate Gated Off-Board Outlet, Driver Side, 3” Valve, 2-1/2” NSTM w/Cap, Remote Control
Top-Mount Industrial Pump System Control Panel, with Tilt-Open Instrument Panel and Overhead Strip Lighting
11-Operator’s Panel Mounted Sunlight Readable LCD Display Foam Control Consoles, with Color Coded Rain Guard
Full Width Transverse Walkway/Operator’s Platform, Stainless Steel with Laser-Grip Non-Slip Surface
Intermediate Steps between Pump Module Runningboards and Walkway, Knurled Tubular Stainless Steel Handrails
Master Fire Pump Suction Intake and “Duplex” (Red & Blue Needle) Foam and Water Discharge Pressure Gauge
11-Discharge Outlet Digital Sunlight Readable PSI & GPM Displays, Integral with (above) Foam Control Consoles
Foam Concentrate Tank Level Indicator on Operator’s Panel, Two (2) Strip-Light Level Indicators on Rear Cab Sides
Vehicle Specific Color Power Point Training Presentation, Provided on Delivery Fire Pump and Foam System
Hands-On Training and Vehicle Demonstrations, at Purchaser’s Location, Multiple Days-On Site

Booster Tank

1000-gallon Foam tank with NFPA foam expansion Fill Tower, L-Shaped for Reduced Height Hose Bed
2” Ball Valve Gated Tank Bottom Drain/Concentrate Sampling Port
Stainless Steel Neoprene Rubber Lined Foam/Water Tank Cradle

Special Features

120-Volt Shoreline
120-Volt Gast Onboard Automatic Air Compressor
120-Volt Powermax Automatic Onboard Battery Charger

Emergency Warning Devices

LED Emergency Lighting (in addition to Chassis Emerg Lighting): B, C & D Upper & Lower Whelen M6 Super LED
14-LED light strips, 2-per compartment
FRC Spectra, LED Scene Lights; Apparatus Body 4-Side Facing (2-per upper side), 2-Rear Facing (1-per side)