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Custom Fire Apparatus, Inc. (CustomFIRE) is an Original Equipment Manufacturer located in scenic Osceola, Wisconsin on the St. Croix River approximately 40 miles northeast of Minnesota's St. Paul /Minneapolis metro area. The facility consists of a 38,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant located on the Osceola Municipal Airport.

CustomFIRE specializes in the creative design and custom manufacturing of new structural fire apparatus and rescue squads (including elaborate heavy rescue technology, triple combination pumpers, tankers, and apparatus that include Class A, Class B and CAFS foam applications).

CustomFIRE started building full line new pumper apparatus in 1983. We offer both Hale and Waterous pump systems. Both are American made and the most prevalent fire pumps in the industry today.

CustomFIRE stands alone in the industry with our unique "concealed" all-bolted premium construction style and the renowned Full Response® trademarked crew compartment. Bolting a body is universally considered to be a superior method of assembly, since bolted construction provides for mixing construction materials and selecting each metal candidate according to its best function. Bolted construction also ensures ease of future revisions and reparability.

Since CustomFIRE's main function is the construction of the apparatus body, like the Full Response® crew cab, the company takes this very seriously and has incorporated many unique high quality design features which are unavailable in the premium fire apparatus bodies of other manufacturers.

CustomFIRE perfects each apparatus with Pro-E engineering software and then laser cuts each part to ensure a technologically advanced precision fit, and an "unmatched" high standard in parts accuracy and quality.

Since its incorporation in 1978, CustomFIRE has experienced steady growth and recognition in our industry. CustomFIRE has expanded their "market" to dealerships located in several states. Their commitment to customers as well as to suppliers has enhanced their growth and, with these commitments CustomFIRE has gained the trust of national and international departments.

For your department's next purchase, let CustomFIRE build your unique design instead of restricting yourselves to purchasing an assembly line truck. You will see that modern technology can be the best way to maintain the one-on-one traditions of yesterday's fire apparatus industry.

Custom Fire Apparatus
Custom Fire Apparatus
Custom Fire Apparatus
Custom Fire Apparatus

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